Friday, October 6, 2017

Toronto's Poop Cafe: Execrable or Yummy?

You decide:
Poop Cafe is Toronto's washroom-themed restaurant. Has someone in your life been using that poop emoji every day since it was invented, or bursts into uncontrollable laughter whenever toilet humour comes up? Is that person you? If that person also loves dessert, this place is for them.   
Beyond the poop-tastic theme with the little swirly emoji everywhere, ice cream served in toilet bowls and water served in urinal-shaped cups, this place offers a generous range of various Asian desserts, from Thai rolled ice cream to Hong Kong egg waffles. This place seems to encourage Torontonians to lighten up, and in the process open themselves to flavour combinations...
Speaking as someone who "picks up" after her dog, I can't say that that sounds even remotely appealing.

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