Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Speaking of Uncertified Shrinks, CNN's "Dr." Chris Cuomo Is On the Scene to Feel Your Pain

Christie Blatchford has had it with Cuomo, in post-massacre Las Vegas, "functioning as a sort of roving therapist, delicately probing the psyches of those before him, offering instant diagnosis and dispensing comfort and hugs." Here's Christie describing Cuomo's unctuous M.O.:
“You got outta there,” Cuomo said, eyes moist with empathy. “You started to heal.”
He told the fellow that whatever else, his job now was “to spend your time taking care of yourself. Know that your best days are ahead of you,” Cuomo concluded. He patted the man on the shoulder.
On and on it went like this, through the morning and later in the day, with anchor after anchor and reporter after reporter doling out wisdom to one another and their subjects.
Wolf Blitzer, for instance, pointed out that the trauma wasn’t going to be confined to those who had been wounded, but to the much larger pool of the 22,000 at the concert “who heard that killing field” and “are going to be haunted by that,” possibly for years.
“No question about it,” said Cuomo. Then he added, “We’re here just to listen” and reminded the concert-goers that “the burden will be a blessing in time.”
OMG, delusional Chris thinks he's a priest--or the Pope.

Or Oprah.

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