Friday, January 27, 2012

The Kafir In Me Says There's A Lot More to This "Human Interest" Story About Altruistic Muslims Sharing Their Mosque With Orthodox Jews

Here's a story designed to warm the cockles of your heart (whatever they are): a Chabad congregation in the Bronx that lacks its own premises has been invited to set up shop inside a mosque. And in case you think that this is a purely selfless act on the Muslims' part, and that there's no ulterior motive whatsoever, then you, my friend, unlike me, belong on the interfaithy tasty samosas circuit:
At first, it did not make sense, said Hana Kabakow, wife of Rabbi Meir Kabakow. “I was surprised,” said the 26-year-old congregant who was born and raised in Israel. “But when I came here I understood.” The Kabakows have been coming to the service from Brooklyn for the last two years.
Harriet Miller, another congregant, said she appreciated the center’s accommodating the synagogue. “They are very sweet people,” said the 79-year-old Bronx native and long-time resident of Parkchester, who added that she welcomes the new Muslim immigrants in her neighborhood: “We were not brought up to hate.”
Drammeh also understands the importance of teaching tolerance more broadly, and for turning the school—which was itself founded at the nearby St. Helena Catholic Church on, of all days, Sept. 11, 2001—into a model of sorts for religious tolerance in New York.
“We’re not as divided as the media portrays us to be,” Drammeh said. “Almost 90 percent of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian teachings are the same.”
And if you believe that patent falsehood (but exceptionally good PR for Muslims, and a superb way of blowing smoke re Islamic doctrines that express contempt for Jews and Christians--the dhimmi) then there's a good chance you think that when Muslims scream "Allahu Akbar" it's because they're sticklers for accuracy and want to give Allah's name in full (first name: Allahu; last name: Akbar).

Update: For those whose chests still harbour warmth courtesy their  heart cockles, prepare for a cold blast of reality--the "altruistic" imam of the mosque 'splaining that pesky "Jewish problem."


sheik yer'mami said...

Sounds like he wants to teach Moonbattish Jews and their little kiddies to hate themselves and love Muslims, because they're so nice.

Of course it also helps the muselmaniacs to know where the Jews live, who they are in society, and when the call for jihad comes, they can do their Islamic duty.

No surprises here.

Kilauea Poetry said...

Ya, he's probably never- ever learned to think for himself.. but boy, they can sure dish out the B.S...never realizing they're the problem! Honestly, it's difficult listening to them..sort of like Obama and Hillary- they wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the rear-