Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome to Canada--Palestinian Terrorism/Radical Chic Style

I just flew in from the Mayan Riviera, and guess what greeted me (and everyone else) in Pearson Airport's Terminal 1? An array of adorable multicultural moppets (not real ones, of course, but photos thereof) holding up "Welcome" signs in a variety of languages. How cute, thought I, until I espied one particular lad, holding a sign in Arabic. (Alas, circumstances didn't allow me to take a photo of him/it). So what, you may say. Arabic is a language spoken in Canada. What's wrong with it being used in this context? To which I would respond: nothing's wrong with it. Except for one wee detail, that is. The beaming moppet in question was draped in--get this--the same kind of chequered shmatta that Yasser Arafat used to wear (it was his trademark, in fact).


Welcome to Canada, land of adorable moppets festooned in Zion-loathers' terrorist apparel.

Ain't multiculturalism grand?

Arafat's terrorist head gear--worn by an adorable young'un--greets arrivals at Toronto airport's Terminal 1.