Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Heidegger Higgledy-Piggledy

You can find it here:

Herr Rektor Heidegger
Said to his students
To Being Be True
Lest you should fall into
This I believe—
And the Führer does too!

Considering that Hannah Arendt was once the Herr Rektor's lover and that she almost singlehandedly rehabilitated his reputation after the war, it seems only proper that she have a higgledy-piggledy, too:

Heidegger's pupil she
Said Eichmann's evil
Was awf'ly "banal."
Blamed her own people for
Their own destruction and
Shilled for her H.—
She was that sort of gal!


Mal said...

Your higgledy-piggledy made me waste ten minutes, Scara. I didn't know the name of your new pup, so I had to go another way...

Pip the Cat's master, while
Musing at lunatic
Imams' decrees,
Wondered if terms such as
Weren't just convenient
Ways to appease?

Thanks for the always entertaining verse.
Do you not agree that, with his clever word skills, Mark Steyn would make a hell of a good lyricist?

scaramouche said...

Love the versifying, Mal! And, yet, I do think Steyn would make a good lyricist. He is, after all, the man who wrote My Sharia Amour.