Monday, March 17, 2014

Spineful and Spineless

The one with the spine is U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who knows exactly what Israel is and isn't afraid to say it:
British Prime Minister David Cameron supported calls to recognize Israel as a “Jewish State” on Thursday. “That’s what Israel is and that’s what it will be,” Cameron stated at a joint press conference with Abbas in Ramallah. “Jews were persecuted around the world, including those murdered in the Holocaust, and so the decision was taken that Israel should be the homeland of the Jewish people and this is what it is,” he said.
The spineless one is, quel shockeroo, Obama factotum John Kerry, a chap who's as spineless as he is clueless:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s demand for Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish State is “a mistake,” Kerry said, and should not be a vital factor in the ongoing negotiations. Israel’s identity as the “Jewish state” is covered by United Nations Resolution 181 in 1947, Kerry said, and thus is enshrined in international law.
Dear John: Since Israel's alleged "peace partner," PA Zion-loather Abu Mazen, isn't prepared to accept Israel's Jewishness no matter what, it's time to accept that you will never get that Nobel Peace Prize you so yearn for (the one you think will give you the edge over Hillary).

Update: More Kerry spinelessness (h/t: SC).

Update: Clueless Jew.

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