Saturday, March 29, 2014

The TDSB Can't Spell

From the Tedious B website (my bolds):
Friday, February 28 marked the 6th annual Sister 2 Sister Conference. This year over 200 grade eight girls from nine Regent Park and surrounding communities' schools participated. The full day conference is for womyn by womyn with the main goal of making connections with positive female role models and acknowledge the incredible womyn leaders in the community.
Do you know anyone who isn't a radical feminist/Marxist who spells it that way? I shoor don't. (Hey, if the Tedious B can change the spelling of common words, so can I.)

Here's a poetic tribute to the board's embrace of politicized spelling:

My mind is reelin' and spinnin'
'Cuz the Tedious B spells it "womyn."
This radical word
Is clearly absurd
And will lead to scholastic oblivi'n.

Update: The Urban Dictionary 'splains that "womyn" is
the feminist/lesbian spelling of "woman". also has political implications. not all feminists/lesbians use or even like this term, but it's been claimed as a subtle empowerment thing by both groups in general.   
A subtle empowerment thing, eh? All of a sudden, I feel a song coming on:

We are "womyn" with a "y"
'Cuz we don't need any guy
To define us and malign us with an "e".
Were we "women" we would be
Sans a shred of dignity,
At the mercy of the bad patriarchy.
Yes, we're empowered--
Even tho' some wear the veil.
No, we haven't cowered
And our cause will prevail.
If we want to
We'll misspell everything.
We are strong (strong)!
We're unassailable!
We are "womyn"...

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