Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Oslo M.O. Is Waaay Past Its Due Date (And Altogether Ooky)

And that, writes J.E. Dyer, means
[I]t’s time to just say it. The obsession of Barack Obama and John Kerry with forcing along a discredited and unproductive “peace process” involving the Palestinian Arabs and Israel is weird – even creepy.
That said, it's no more creepy than, say, telling people that you have the power to personally turn back rising oceans and bring health care coverage to all of America's uninsured.

Speaking of creepy...:

It's creepy and obsessive,
Revolting and excessive,
Extremely unimpressive,
"Peace process" lunacy.

It's turned into a cudgel.
Obama thinks a nudge'll
Push Bibi so he'll budge.
It's "peace process" lunacy...

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