Monday, March 24, 2014

Some U.K. Muslims Upset About Infidels Adopting Muslim Kids--But Given Islam's Stance Re Adoption, Maybe They Shouldn't Be Such Big Cry Babies

Here's what's got 'em all hot and bothered:
LONDON – The British Muslim community has been facing growing challenges surrounding adoption and foster caring after the religious minority was shocked by a recent decision to allow placing a young Muslim girl permanently into the care of a lesbian couple.
“If it is always preferable to place a child with carers who share a similar ethnic and religious background, realities on the ground do not always put us in a position to do so,” Faith Harlow, who works as a social worker in East Sussex, told
According to Harlow, demand has been growing every year for Muslim carers to come forth.
 But, really, how feasible is that?
“Many Muslims are very religiously confused when it comes to adoption and foster-caring. But beyond that there is a real problem of social stigmatization, a fear associated with caring for a non-blood relative.” Imam Abdullah Shah from London told OnIslam.

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