Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Official Jews Still Clueless About Free Speech

This CJN article is so poorly written that's it's a challenge to untangle exactly what it's about. After two complete read-throughs, here's my conclusion: it amounts to support for the government, which wants to pass an anti-"cyber-bullying" law, and which, since it would extend our already far too extensive "hate speech" laws, sounds to me like terrible idea to me. Once again, however, Official Jewdom is lining up on the wrong side of the free speech issue. It wants the law to pass because it thinks it will protect Jewry from "racist and xenophic" hate speech/propaganda. On the other side--the side that wants to defend free expression--are a bunch of pro-Palestinian advocates who are worried that, should the law pass, they won't get to express their Zionhass (they wouldn't call it that, but I would), and who, somewhat hysterically and pathologically, believe that the law is nothing more that a Conservative government conspiracy to silence them and other critics of Israel.

You would think that by now the Jews would have figured out that those "hate speech" laws do not protect them; that, in fact, what they do do is end up silencing Jews and empowering their enemies, especially those of the Leftist/Islamist persuasion who despise the Jewish state and its supporters. You would think that at some point--maybe, say, after B'nai Brith Canada endured a lengthy "hate speech" prosecution -- they would have twigged to the reality that state efforts to hobble free speech are not only not, as they say, good for the Jews, they are catastrophic for the larger society. How so? They result in society having to mind its manners and stifle its "blasphemy." In other words, in a free society becoming less free and, ultimately, not free at all.

That is something that sails right over the head of the Official Jew quoted in the CJC piece. Re the pro-Palestinian group's concerns,
“These people must also think Elvis, JFK and Marilyn Monroe are residing on a desert island somewhere,” Richard Marceau, CIJA’s general counsel and senior government adviser, said in a phone interview from Ottawa.
He emphasized what is being proposed as a change to Bill C-13, the federal government’s proposed cyberbullying law, “is nothing new. It just brings into line, with several provincial antibullying and hate laws, section 718.2, subsection A, subsection I of the Criminal Code of Canada.”
Well, if those particular sections and subsections are involved, I guess there's nothing to worry about. ;)

I realize that the Nazis trash-talked the Jews, and then murdered them during the Holocaust. But isn't it a better idea to allow our local Zion-loathers to bloviate away in their uber-zany manner so that A) we can see that they're crazy and B) we are free to rebut them?

When, oh, when, will Official Jews finally figure out--and, yes, I realize that for them it's counterintuitive--that climbing aboard the Shut Up Express is not the way to go?

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