Saturday, March 22, 2014

Who's the Most Odious Zion-Loather on the Planet?

I hereby nominate Richard Falk, a man who exemplifies "human rights," UN-style:
A U.N. human rights investigator accused Israel on Friday of "ethnic cleansing" in pushing Palestinians out of East Jerusalem and cast doubt that the Israeli government could accept a Palestinian state in the current climate. 
He spoke against a backdrop of deadlocked peace talks and accelerating Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank and East Jerusalem which Palestinians say is dimming their hope of establishing a viable state on contiguous territory. 
Israel says Palestinian refusal to recognize it as a Jewish state is the main obstacle. U.S. President Barack Obama this week pressed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to help break the impasse, saying both sides must take political risks before the April 29 deadline for a framework deal. 
Richard Falk, United Nations special rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, told a news conference that Israeli policies bore "unacceptable characteristics of colonialism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing".
Spoken by a creep whose thinking manifests unacceptable characteristics of far leftist know-nothingism and the over-the-top hatred of a Jew-loathing Jew.

Update: Exactly how crazy is Richard Falk? He's so bonkers that he blamed the Boston Marathon terrorism on Israel.

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