Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Halifax Family Gets Turned Down By Nova Scotia's "Human Rights" Commision, Take Their Anti-Sharia Fight to Parliament

People who aren't fortunate, er, sorry, unfortunate enough to belong to one of Canada's preferred victim groups needn't bother complaining to a "human rights" body, something which, obviously, these folks didn't know:
A Halifax family is taking their fight against Sharia Law to Parliament. 
They want the feds to stop giving taxpayers cash to places like schools and rec centres unless the organizations vow to stop allowing gender segregation under the guise of multiculturalism. 
"This is going to get really bad before it gets better, we have to have the government stand up and say while we are a democracy and allow rights of other people, we cannot allow for the discrimination against women," Michele Walsh told Sun News. 
Two years ago sisters Sonja and Sasha Power were told not to touch, face or teach a brand new student in their martial arts class at a public rec centre in Halifax. 
The man was a fundamentalist Muslim and he refused to interact with any females in the co-ed class. The instructor accommodated (sic) the newcomer. 
After a few classes, the man handed out a book on Islam that gave tips on wife beating and said women not shrouded in Islamic dress are asking for it. 
Mom Michele contacted the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission, but says her case was rejected without explanation...
The "explanation" was delineated above. Now, if the fundamentalist Muslim had wanted to lodge a complaint against the rec centre, you can be certain that the provincial "human rights" busybodies would entertain it in a New York minute.

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