Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hillary Clinton's Speech to American Jews Shows That "Table"-Wise, History Repeats

As the Holocaust was unfolding, American Jews were counseled to hold their water and their tongues--i.e. "sha shtill."

As the Grandiose Ayatollah puts the finishing touches on his nuclear weapons program, same old, same old:
Clinton reiterated her support for the Obama administration’s stance that Congress should refrain from imposing new sanctions on Iran while nuclear talks are underway.
“If the world judges, fairly or unfairly, that negotiations have collapsed because of actions by our Congress, even some of our closest partners will falter,” Clinton said.
She said that if diplomacy ultimately fails, “then we can always — and we will — put on additional sanctions. And we will have the international support necessary to ensure enforcement. And, yes, we will explore every other option. And let’s be clear, every other option does remain on the table.”
And let's be clear, every other option does remain on the table, and if Iran hasn't yet snuffed Israel by the time she's in office, you can be sure that under President Hillary (shudder), "on the table" is exactly where the options shall remain.

You know, in the same way that the option to bomb the train tracks leading to Auschwitz remained on the table--and never went anywhere else--when FDR was in charge.

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