Thursday, January 22, 2015

Excalibur (York U.) Editorial on Charlie Hebdo Attacks Conflates Ultra Orthrodox Jews With Jihadi Butchers, Islamism With Zionism

And yet, he's a big proponent of free speech:
But whenever something like Charlie Hebdo happens, I realize that there’s always a minority of people that will do things like this. My immediate reaction is to hope that we, as a country, shut our doors forever, and that we bomb the people that would inspire such ideas back to the Stone Age. 
Then, rational thoughts take over, and come with a realization that there’s a better way to combat the ISISs and Al-Qaedas of the world. By publishing our cartoons and reproducing the ones that have had people killed. By making it known that no one, anywhere, has any place to tell us what we can and can’t publish. 
To understand that no one’s faith should be shaken by a cartoon, and those who would have such a response are cursed with a burden and a lack of humanity that should provoke anger and justice, yes, but also a significant amount of pity. To understand that by limiting civil rights and targeting immigrants and Muslims, we’re giving the terrorists exactly what they want. 
And to understand that we should all make efforts to embody the ideal of a society free of radical Islamism, Zionism, or any deeply-held ideology designed to create suffering in those who don’t conform. Suffering as simple as harassing women on airplanes or as extreme as murdering another human being, and everything in between. This understanding starts with us not being afraid to speak our minds, and creating what we want, no matter what the backlash. 
Radical Islam=chopping off heads, blowing people up, murdering infidel cartoonists for "blasphemy," and knifing Jews on Tel Aviv buses. Zionism=the philosophy underpinning the modern State of Israel which holds, quite simply, that the Jews have the right to sovereignty in their ancient, ancestral homeland.

You can see how those two have absolutely nothing in common, can't you Excalibur Free Speecher? It just goes to show, though, that one can stand foursquare for free speech and still be a zany Zion-loather.

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