Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Beeb Gets CAIR Rep's Reaction to New Charlie Hebdo Cover

Watch it here. Essentially, it boils down to "I believe in free speech but..."

The "but" being "but don't you be drawing pics of our holy Mo."

Update: Someone else who believes in free speech with a caveat--David Brooks of the NYT. He supports it BUT he'd prefer if everyone kept the conversation civil and decent and clean:
And my basic attitude is that, when it comes to speech, is that we should almost, almost never invite somebody off campus, we should almost, almost never pass a law, but we should have certain social standards, what’s polite, what’s acceptable, what gets you respect, what doesn’t. And maintaining standards of just decency, we don’t curse on the air."
You would think that a smart guy like Dave would realize that speech that's "polite and acceptable" and that's dedicated to "maintaining standards of decency" doesn't need to be protected. It's the speech that's rude and ornery and downright offensive that does.

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