Sunday, January 18, 2015

In the Wake of the Jihadi Attacks in Paris on 'Toonists and Jews, the United Chuch of Canada Sends a Letter of Support to...Muslims?

Found this "gem" on the UCC site:
General News and Announcements
Care and Solidarity with the Muslim Community 
14 January 2015  
The Moderator of the United Church, The Right Rev. Gary Paterson, has written to the Église Protestante Unie de France, the Canadian Council of Imams, and the National Muslim Christian Liaison Committee of Canada to express the church’s sorrow and outrage at the tragic events in France, and our hope that Muslims and Christians can work together toward justice and peace in a world torn by such violence.
Sorry to have to dispel the Right Rev.'s interfaithy reveries, but shouldn't he have expressed "care and solidarity" with France's Jews, the ones who are being terrorized and killed by France's Jew-loathing Muslims?

A silly question, I know, but I just had to ask.

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Richard K said...

The "Right Rev." Patterson should mention that he's Gay to the Imams and ask if they take that stuff about killing Gay people they preach seriously.