Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My Gushing Fan Letter to Mark Steyn in the NatPo

Just in time for Mark Steyn's appearance in Toronto this evening--hope to see y'all at the Manulife Centre's Indigo book store at 7--the National Post published this:

Steyn got it right

Re: Free Speech Is The Right To Insult Islam, Steyn Says, Jan. 26.Mark Steyn reminds us of the similarities between jihadists and climate-change alarmists. Both are fanatical. Both hew to ideologies that brook no dissent or criticism. Both go ballistic — albeit in markedly different ways — when some “blasphemer” has the audacity to make withering fun of them and their orthodoxies. 
Most crucially, however, is the fact that both are control freaks who seek to micro-manage our lives, the climate-change alarmists via onerous environmental regulations, the jihadists via Sharia law. Thank heavens there’s a Mark Steyn around to shoot off his mouth and puncture the pomposities of the power-crazed. The world would be far better off if there were more of him — and fewer of them.

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