Thursday, January 29, 2015

Roger L. Simon Sticks It--But Good--To Obama Fart-Catcher, Jeffrey Goldberg

Simon has riotous fun at the expense of Jeff and his suckuppery (which, if it isn't a real word, should be):
Fee fi fo fum.  Big bad Bibi is coming to DC town — and Barack is VERY angry.  Not only that, and possibly worse,  Jeffrey Goldberg at The Atlantic may be equally as angry. The journalist insists Netanyahu making a speech to Congress at the speaker’s invitation is a “disaster” or — in the words of my grandmother — “not good for the Jews.”  And Jeff should know.  He’s an important guy, I am told.  He gets to talk… to Barack.
Goldberg accuses Netanyahu of electioneering (a rare thing indeed for a politician) and not showing the proper “RESPECT” for our president (cue Aretha), who always demonstrates so much respect for the Israeli prime minister.
Excuse me while I rend my clothes.  Meanwhile, lost in Goldberg’s posturing, and the funfkeying by such great State Department intellects as Jen Psaki,  is the subject of Netanyahu’s putative speech. What was it?   Oh, yes… Iran.  Now I remember.  That country that has its hand in nearly every piece of  Islamic mayhem from Buenos Aires to Sanaa...
Jen Psaki "a great intellect": now, that's hilarious!

Update: Whaddya know? It is a real word.

Update: Another of the White House's towering intellects 'splains that the Taliban is not a terrorist entity.

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