Sunday, January 18, 2015

This is How Crazy, Zion-Loathing Lefties (Including--NO, Especially--the Jewish Ones) Think

From a promo for an upcoming event at lefty Zionhass central in Toronto (one of 'em, anyway), Beit Zatoun:
With the recent events in Ferguson MO (as in G20 in Toronto in summer 2010) the reality of militarization of police, equipment and tactics has come to North America.  Jeff Halper speaks to this phenomenon in the larger perspective of “Global Pacification System”.  He is a long-time activist, writer and commentator on Israel-Palestine known for his writing on the concepts and practice of “matrix of control,” and “people warehousing” as practised by Israel on the Palestinian population in Occupied Palestinian Territory, especially in Gaza.
Er, he does know that Israel hasn't "occupied" Gaza since 2005, doesn't he?  And that Hamas, a jihadi terrorist organization, the local branch of the Muslims Brotherhood, has a genocidal agenda and rules the joint in keeping with homophobic, misogynistic and generally wacky and authoritarian sharia law?

I know, I know--that's what someone with an Israelophobic mindset and a penchant for pejorative jargon ("matrix of control"; "people warehousing") would call "an irrelevant detail."

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