Monday, January 19, 2015

Good News--"Hindu Nazis and Zionists in Tight Embrace"

Well, that's how kooky Khomeinist e-zine Crescent International puts it. CI, however, sees it as very bad news indeed, lamenting that
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has signaled that he plans to embrace the Zionists more tightly and abandon support for the Palestinians.
That's awesome! Just goes to show that one person's good news story is another person's "this really sucks."

(Elsewhere on the CI site: Israeli crimes against Hizbullah, Iran confirm that it is an outlaw regime; and, Pro-Zionist Islamophobic magazine, (sic) Charlie Hebdo in exploitation mode.

Charlie Hebdo "pro-Zionist"? That may well be the craziest thing I've ever read in this consistently cuckoo rag.

One of Charlie Hebdo's "pro-Zionist" publications

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