Saturday, January 31, 2015

Where to Celebrate 'World Hijab Day' in Toronto

FYI, it isn't just for Muslimas, don'tcha know?:
ANNISAA Organization of Canada in partnership with Sakinah Community Centre presents World Hijab Day Celebration, an open invitation to both Muslims and Non-Muslims to wear the Hijab for a day.

An event for Muslim and Non-Muslim women from various backgrounds, age groups, and cultures to connect, to develop personal and professional contacts, and to get personal and career advice and guidance. While there are similar events within the GTA for women, they are limited in terms of their emphasis on the importance and beauty of the Hijab, obligations of the Hijab, requirements, lack of emphasis on Muslim women's Hijab, and lastly the absence of an active mentorship component. This event will serve as an opportunity for Muslim and Non-Muslim women and young girls to hear about it and join the initiative as a mentor or mentee. 

DATE: Sunday, February 1, 2015
LOCATION: Sakinah Community Centre, 1430 Birchmount Road (Lawrence Avenue and Birchmount Road)
TIME: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Er, you can get someone to be your "hijab" mentor?

Sounds like da'wa in disguise to me.


Frances said...

I'll celebrate this when Muslims will join in "celebrate a crucifix" day, wearing one visibly.

scaramouche said...

In other words--and obviously--never.

gama said...

Were the slut-walkers covering in solidarity with their SISTAS ?
You know that whole exposed meat the sluts can relate to !

gama said...

Were the sweet slut-walkers covering up in solidarity with their muslim SISTAS ?
You know the sluts understand the
exposed-meat syndrome !

scaramouche said...

Apparently Hijab PR Day was a big hit in Buffalo: