Friday, January 23, 2015

Jews. Always the Jews

I started my day by reading Mark Steyn's delightful look at that American Song Book fixture, "It Had To Be You" (Sinatra Song the Century #5). It put a bounce in my step, a zing in my heart, and inspired me to put my own mordant spin on it. Hence the following, with apologies to all concerned:

It had to be Jews.
It had to be Jews.
They wandered around
'Til statehood they found
And now they get boos.
We give 'em the blues.
They say it's a ruse--
We "stole" all their land
Now they want us banned
And want us to lose.
Some haters I've seen
Pretend they aren't mean.
It's "justice" they seek,
For "refugees" weak
Who've stayed on the scene.
For nobody else do they execrate:
"If all Jews were gone, hey, that would be great."
It had to be Jews,
Always the Jews,
It had to be Jews.

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