Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Did SNL Steal the Ceeb's "I'm Too Scared to Draw Islam's Founder" Sketch?

Let's see: both sketches are built around a game show in which a contestant is asked to draw you-know-who. The only differences, as far as I can tell, is that in the NBC version, the fake game show is called "Picture Perfect," and the prize at stake is a million bucks, while in the earlier Ceeb sketch (from long-running and allegedly funny hit TV show This Hour Has 22 Minutes; why, the title alone is a laugh-riot, no?) the faux game show is called "Win, Lose or Draw," and, this being a Canucki show, the prize money is embarrassingly paltry. (In the olden days of Canadian TV game shows, prize winners could win such "bounty" as a case of Flintcoat Peel 'n' Stick asbestos floor tiles.)

And, oh yeah--in both shows, no one ever depicts He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Drawn (who is called "Prophet Muhammad" in SNL's non-knee-slapper and just plain old "Muhammad" in the Ceeb's similarly unamusing version). Indeed, both go out their way to demonstrate how terrifying it is to even contemplate such a thing, the better to show that abject dhimmitude can be a laugh and a half.

So helpful to know that cravenness transcends--and travels both north and south of--the 49th parallel.

This is not--I repeat, not--a picture of Islam's founder
drawing his own hand.

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