Saturday, May 23, 2015

On a Cliff Overlooking the Pacific, We Assembled Some Fresh-Faced Youths (Some of Whom May or May Not Be Soon Running Off to Join ISIS) To Bring You This Message

Spoiler alert: As we now know, in the made-up world of Mad Men, PTSD-suffering alcoholic Don Draper ended up creating that Coke commercial, the one showing a panoply of diversity brought together by a common love for darkened sugar-water. The show's finale got me to thinking: that ad was actually a harbinger of sorts for the message of hope 'n' change that, decades later, another slick huckster would get Americans to swallow. What a perfect reason, thought I, to revise the lyrics to reflect the blissed out vision of this later mad man:

Obama and his chorus of sycophants sing:

I'd like to trash the one percent
For our "equality."
Grow calumny,
See me as heaven sent.

I'd like to teach the Zionists
They can't defeat their foe.
I'd like to let Iran get nukes,
But claim it's not a go.

That's the right thing.
Secure my "legacy".
So important to me.
That's the right thing...

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