Thursday, May 21, 2015

Sheer Madness: Conservatives Tap a Hamas-Loving Lawyer for Cushy Gig With National "Security" Body--Then Fire Him Many Years Later When His Dubious Past Becomes an Issue

You won't believe the reason Canada's "safety" minister gives for why this self-declared Hamas-lover got the job:
One year after openly embracing a jihadist movement in writing, Hamdani was named to a Canadian national security roundtable, where he continued to serve until being suspended April 29 pending an investigation. A spokesperson for Canada's Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said that although questions about Hussein's "radical ideology have circulated for some time, it was hoped that he could be a positive influence to promote Canadian values in the Muslim community. It is now becoming clear this may not have been the case."
Really? What was your first clue, genius?

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