Friday, May 15, 2015

The "New" FORWARD Makes the Case for "Passionate" Justin Trudeau (With the Help of One His Biggest--and Shortest--Fans)

After learning via Daniel Greenfield that old-time radical lefty rag The Jewish Forward has dropped the "Jewish" from its name (Greenfield quips that, given its content, it should have kept the "Jewish" and prefaced it with an "anti"), I decided to check out the "new" paper for myself. Lo and behold, look what I found--an article marveling at how Canadian Jews have fallen under the spell of Conservative P.M. Stephen Harper, thereby taking "a sharp turn to the right Republicans can only dream about."

Of course, a Republican dream is a leftist's nightmare, and at least one Canadian Jew quoted in the article--"human rights" mighty mouth, the dainty Karen Mock--is hoping Jews will revert to their left/Lib default setting come the next federal election. And, claims Mock, they have good reason to reverse and their sharp turn:
“Justin Trudeau values the kind of policies his father innovated – multiculturalism, a safe haven for refugees, peacekeeping,” said Karen Mock, a retired human rights educator and former Liberal candidate in Toronto. “He is a product of that legacy, and many Jews have long memories for that.”
Also, unlike previous Liberal contender, Michael Ignatieff, Justin is supposedly a really big fan of Israel taking on its terrorist foes:
Trudeau has tried hard not to let Harper make Israel a wedge issue. During last summer’s war in Gaza, the Liberal Party’s foreign affairs spokesman issued a drab, even-handed news release on the conflict. The following day, Trudeau overrode him with a passionate endorsement of Israel’s right to self-defense.
Wow, what with his groovy "social justice" vibe and his passion for Israeli self-defense, that Justin Trudeau does sound pretty spectacular. And I might consider voting for him if A) I was still on/of the left, something I haven't been for the past 15 years; B) I didn't happen know that Trudeau was such a colossal ninny; and C) I was unaware of some of his other, more problematic "passions" (ones which, go figure, neither the Forward nor Ms. Mock bother to mention). They include: taking part in prayer services at sundry mosques, speaking at an ISNA Canada convention, and getting advice from a Zion-loathing former head of the Canadian Arab Federation as well as from his Zion-loathing brother, Alexandre. a.k.a Sacha.

Other than all that, "passionate" Justin is aces with this Jew!

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