Friday, May 15, 2015

Today In Unhinged Conspiracy Theories...

Someone named Dr. Randy Short tells Khomeinist news outlet Press TV that
Zionists do not want to see any “rapprochement” between Iran and the United States and are “systematically” undermining diplomacy with the Islamic Republic... 
Hey, good to know, Doc.

Press TV calls Dr. Short "an analyst and historian from Washington." However, a glimpse at his LinkedIn page reveals that he's soooo much more than that:
I am a historian/researcher/social action minister. I am the founder of the Anti-Depo Provera Coalition that aims to educate the public and demand that Congress restrict or wholly outlaw the dangerous contraceptive Depo Provera which is deadly with countless side effects. Depo Provera is being used to eliminate the African (Black) race...
Don't tell me, lemme guess--"Zionists" are behind that one too, right?

Update: Even nuttier than a Press TV "expert"--Barack H. Obama, who is seeking "good neighborliness" with Iran.

"Good neighborliness"? With totalitarian theocrats who have vowed to wipe Israel off the map (and who believe they have Allah's go-ahead to do so)?

Get thee to a rubber room a.s.a.p., Mr. President!

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