Friday, May 22, 2015

Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up

The POTUS who scammed 'em all with his hopeychangey smoke 'n' mirrors; who did his damndest to try to defeat Netanyahu because the Israeli P.M. had the temerity to tell it like it is re the prospect of a nuclear Iran; who is getting set to sing a deal with the Grandiose Ayatollah no matter what; who began his presidency by sucking up to Muslims and has yet to stop; who told Coast Guard grads that "climate change"--not ISIS, not Iran--is the gravest threat du jour; who hangs out with "progressives" who abominate the Jewish State--that guy has the chutzpah to lecture Israel, the one bright spot in an ever-darkening landscape, on its failure to "live up to its founding principles."

Two words 4 U, Barack: Bite moi.

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