Monday, May 25, 2015

Short Answer: "Progressive" Jews Have Mush for Brains

The other day, Barack Hussein Obama, who is in the process of burnishing his legacy (or so he thinks) by getting set to sign a simply horrible nuke deal with taqiyyah-speaking Shia fanatics who cannot, should not and must not be trusted, had the chutzpah to speak in front of the assembled at a D.C. synagogue. And didn't the foolish Jews lap up his latest feat of prevarication, swooning on cue as he claimed that he and they are on the same page re Iran acquiring weapons of mass destruction.

The gobsmacking spectacle has Michael Ledeen scratching his head and asking why--why?!?--are "progressive" Jews still falling for Obama's daft and wicked--yes, wicked--spin?
Well, Michael, all I can tell you is that "progressive" Jews worship at the shrine of universalism and the Democratic Party, and therefore they cannot help but recite their favorite prayer: "Barack atta Adonei Eloheinu Melech ha'olam..."

Exhibit A: an American relative, Europe-born, a fugitive from that continent's conflagration, an educated man of refined mien, explained his eternal loyalty to the party like this: "If Adolf Hitler was the Democratic candidate for president, I would still vote for him."

There is no arguing--and no reasoning--with fanaticism like that.

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