Thursday, May 21, 2015

Op-Ed Piece in the Toronto Star Blames Omar Khadr's Gitmo "Mistreatment" on Johnny and Joanne Canuck's Naziesque "Racism

Apropos Khadr's lengthy stay in Gitmo, a fellow named Omer writes:
So it was we, Canadians, who wanted him locked up in Guantanamo, and we, Canadians, who kept ourselves ignorant when the facts became uncomfortable. He was a brown-skinned child who helped Al Qaeda, therefore he was subhuman and not a real Canadian.
Khadr is about as "brown-skinned" as I am. Which is to say, his epidermis, sans suntan, is not the least bit brown.

Odd how these lefties are so fixated on his skin-colour and not on his actions, no?

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