Monday, May 11, 2015

Syria's Refugee Camps Teeming With "Aishas"--and Don't Those Horny 'n' Devout Arab Sheiks Love It!

One reads that rich 'n' pervy Wahhabi men are "flocking" to refugee camps in Syria where they can find an assortment of toothsome young girls just ripe for the plucking. (H/t: MW)
Which is to say, for the wedding and bedding.
Here in the West, such predilections could get you arrested. However,
According to commentators, not a single imam or religious scholar has renounced the abuse. On the contrary.

- There is nothing wrong with such marriages if men can afford to pay, said the Libyan imam, Sheik Ashraf al-Aqrabi.     
There is also nothing wrong with such marriages, as far as Islam is concerned, because when it came to marrying really young girls, Islam's founder paved the way. Here's how the, er, paving is described in The Third Choice, by Mark Durie:
Versions of Muhammad's life made available to the general public could be said to be sanitized. For example, it is commonly emphasized that Muhammad married Khadijah, an older widow, and was faithfully married to her for 20 years. But it is not normally reported that Muhammad married Aisha, his close friend's daughter, when she was 6 (or 7 by some accounts), and consummated the marriage when she was 9. At the time Muhammad was in his 50s.
Based on this example, and the Quranic verse Q65:4, Islamic scholars even developed regulations for remarrying young girls, namely that a divorced prepubescent girl would need to wait three months before remarrying (this period is known as the 'idda)... 
...Setting a marriage age of nine for girls is no matter of obscure theological interest or polemical debate, but an intensely practical issue of enormous consequence for the lives of countless young girls in Muslim nations. The Ayatollah Khomeini, then in his 20s, married Batoul Saqafi Khomeini when she was 11 years old, following the prophet's example. Today some Muslim countries make 9 the minimum age of marriage for girls, and in others such marriages are not prevented, even though they are illegal. Countless thousands of young girls' lives are affected by Muhammad's example in marrying Aisha.
Including, as we now see, those sitting ducklings in Syria.

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