Thursday, September 22, 2016

Leftist Indoctination Part of the Daily Ritual at Toronto Public Schools

Every day, after the playing of the national anthem, this bit of suckuppery/virtue signaling is recited over the PA system at TDSB schools--all 588 of 'em:
"In keeping with Indigenous protocol, I would like to acknowledge this school is situated upon traditional territories. The territories include the Wendat, Anishinabek Nation, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nations, and the Metis Nation." 
"The treaty was signed for the particular parcel of land that is collectively referred to as The First Purchase and applies to lands west of Brown's Line to Burlington Bay and north to Eglinton Avenue."  
"I also recognize the enduring presence of Aboriginal peoples on this land."
And I recognize the enduring presence of Liberal guilt/self-loathing which venerates victimhood above all else.

Update: From the TDSB website:

Acknowledgement of Traditional Lands and Territories

At the TDSB, it is customary to acknowledge the Traditional and Ancestral lands of Aboriginal peoples at the beginning of events, gatherings and meetings. All schools will soon begin their day with an acknowledgement of the territories for more information you can read the Board decision (on page 2) and read the AEC's report. Here are some speaking notes you can use to open your meetings and events with an acknowledgment of Traditional and Ancestral Lands.

Aboriginal Education Library

The Aboriginal Education Centre (AEC) provides aboriginal resources to TDSB staff and students. It has over 800 books, sound recordings and videos. Contact: Kitty Sill at 416-393-9600, Enter the library.

Resources for Aboriginal Education

Good News Stories

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