Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A European Expert Discusses the "Israelizaton" of Jew-Hate

Her extensive analysis of "over 15,000 letters, emails and other correspondence that have been addressed to Israeli embassies and Jewish institutions all over Europe" reveals that the only folks who fear that their "criticism" of Israel will be "misconstrued" as Jew-hate are...the Jew-haters!:
A lot of people express concerns that they would not be allowed to criticize Israel without being labeled as anti-Semites…
Yes. And remarkably, in the material that we reviewed, this concern is expressed exclusively by authors of letters that are actually anti-Semitic. None of the authors of the letters that criticized Israel without being anti-Semitic voiced any concerns that they could falsely be accused of Jew-hatred. It is the anti-Semites who actually commit the kind of false accusation which they claim to be a victim of, in order to deny their hatred of Jews. This implies a victim-perpetrator-inversion, which is a historically deep-rooted pattern in the standard repertoire of anti-Semitic constructions. Already in the 19th century anti-Semites accused Jews to use their alleged control over the media to censor and delegitimize anti-Jewish criticism.

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