Thursday, October 13, 2016

In a Fit of Malign Historical Revisionism, UNESCO Renames Judaism's Holiest Site After Muhammad's Horsey

David Pryce-Jones weighs in on UNESCO's infamy:
What is it about Jews that compels non-Jews to concoct boundless fantasies about them? UNESCO, the body that is supposed to look after culture for the United Nations, has come up with a magnificent example of these fantasies, decreeing that Jews have no connection with the Temple Mount. One fine afternoon, supposedly educated representatives of their countries find it in them to wave farewell to King Solomon and King David, to the historian Josephus and Herod and the Maccabees, farewell to the Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus, and farewell to Warren and Robinson who excavated the Temple, and farewell to 2000 years of Jewish worship at the Wailing Wall. UNESCO cancels the Wailing Wall altogether, renaming it the Buraq Plaza, after the winged horse that the Prophet Mohammad is supposed to have mounted on that spot. UNESCO can surely find a few witnesses of that ride into the skies. 
Re-invention of reality on this farcical scale brings to mind a play by the Hungarian Ferenc Molnar in which some dispossessed aristocrats are discussing what is wrong with the world, and one of them says, “It is all Napoleon’s fault, but I have just read a book which proves that Napoleon never existed.” Perhaps UNESCO’s next step is to discover that Jews never existed.
It must be noted that there's another way to spell the name of Mo's horse: Barack.

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