Monday, October 24, 2016

Wallonia...Isn't That a Made Up Country In an Old Marx Brothers Film?

Apparently not. Apparently, it really exists. And it seems to have pulled the equivalent of another Brexit on the EU. (That said, the Walloons--also not a made up name--could also make it very difficult for the exiting Brits.)

As for the country in the Marx Bros. flick (Duck Soup)--it's Freedonia, of course.

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Unknown said...

There's a very close bond between #Quebec and Wallonie
First immigrants to Quebec came from France and Wallonie.
This said a year ago i read an article in which Quebec farmers openly stated 'We can't compete with the superior quality of European products (Farming).
Both (Quebec & Wallonie) want also independence.
My guess the real reason for Wallonia's NJET lays there.