Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bravery Personified: On a Visit to the UK, Raheel Raza Expresses Some Harsh Truths About Sharia Law and the Need to Reject It

Because the infidel state signed off on the establishment of sharia courts some time ago (unlike the province of Ontario, which due to a public uproar, ultimately told 'em to take a hike), the U.K., of course, is thoroughly screwed. Still, one must applaud Ms. Raza for having to courage to venture into hostile territory, and for daring to say things that are bound to raise some hackles (for instance, her assertion that terrorism and Islam are related). And at least one local thinks her message is of vital importance for the U.K. He writes:
The lesson from Canada is that if people are willing to campaign and speak out with courage and boldness about this issue, public perception and political will can change. If sharia courts can be abolished in Canada, they can be abolished here. In a meeting this week, Raza said: "Political correctness and the silence of the majority is the cause of the problem." Sharia law and its inherent discriminatory nature needs to be criticised, and the fundamental principle of one law for all needs to be defended.
Hear, hear!

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