Sunday, October 30, 2016

Coming Soon to the Greater Toronto Area: Another "Islam Rocks" Fete--Brought to You By ICNA Gals

It's Mississauga's "Islamic Heritage Exhibition" where you can "explore what Islam has contributed to the world's civilization, education, culture, medical & scientific discoveries."

In other words, more hype about the wonders of algebra and calligraphy and nary a mention of the jihad, sharia and centuries of Islamic imperialism and oppression (including a slave trade that persists to this day), or the key role the OIC plays in the UN's rejection of Israel and the Israelization of global Jew-hate (because that kind of stuff would be a real downer).

The event is brought to you by ICNA Sisters, the chicks' wing of a MuBros-friendly organization. The chicks, in their own adorably addled syntax, make a point of thanking the Socialist Party, the NDP, for being such useful idiots aiding their efforts ("We thank NDP to have [sic] taken a leading role in bringing about this month for Islamic Heritage") but all parliamentarians earn a nod ("And thanks to Liberals and PCs to support [sic] the vote").

Yes, thanks (sic), y'all, for this month.

And thanks, too, to Ontario's Premier Kathleen Wynne, for being so tolerant of the ICNA Sisters' non-feminist gloriously "diverse" approach to things. This past summer, writes security expert Thomas Quiggen, Wynne
visited the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), along with Education Minister Mitzie Hunter. They met on August 26, 2016 with female members of the Islamic Circle North America Sisters (ICNA Canada) in Scarborough. The ICNA directly advocates misogynist positions such as wife beating, the taking of slave girls and the position that women are, overall, inferior to men. ICNA also notes that Islamic women have been “emancipated” from the obligation of earning their own livelihood. Therefore, women can be kept at home and cannot leave the house without the permission of the husband.  
Quite alarmingly, the Premier of Ontario did not criticize the organization or its heavily misogynistic beliefs. Rather she publicly claimed to have been “honoured” to have been there. The Minister of Education, Ms Hunter, appears to have remained silent on her views concerning this visit.
Not only that, Wynne, a non-Muslim and an avowed feminist, donned the obligatory Islamist headscarf in order to fit in with the sistahs, a scene that looked like this:

Well, at least she didn't feel the need to cover her face (this time, anyway).

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