Sunday, October 16, 2016

A Year After His Elevation to the Highest Office, What Does Justin Trudeau's "Real Change Now" Amount To?

It seems to be largely a matter of optics, really (the better to disguise his spendthrift ways):
All the while, the prime minister has been doing different things from his predecessor: Smiling, hugging people, wearing colourful socks, marching in Pride parades, calling himself a feminist, periodically meeting with the premiers, regularly taking questions from members of the press gallery. 
Arriving amid the rise of Trump and the distress of Brexit has made Trudeau, and the country, a source of international fascination as a bastion of good-looking liberalism. 
But if you prefer simple numbers: To the federal expenses that the last Conservative budget projected for the next four fiscal years, the first Liberal budget added $66.3 billion.
Swell, but I'd rather have a prime minister who's less smiley, huggy and pretty--and more fiscally responsible.

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