Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Mordantly Funny News Story Du Jour: France Scraps Special Jihadi Deradicalizaiton Prison Wings (Because They Were Helping and Not Hindering the Jihad)

C'est vrai--est tres amusement (my bolds):
France's de-radicalization prison wings were rolled out in January this year, and saw prisoners who were convicted of terrorism housed in their own cells, where they were unable to communicate with anyone who they could potentially influence. 
The inmates had to undergo a kind of de-radicalization course with psychologists and repentant former jihadists in the trial.  
However while the plan may sound sensible, many had criticised it for helping jihadist networks grow. 
In July a critical report suggested this isolated prison wings option was not the best solution. 
The report by France’s chief prison inspector Adeline Hazan said France’s justice system was facing a phenomenon “which it had no measure of the nature or extent of”. 
Her report stressed that grouping Islamist extremist prisoners together continues to worry counter-terrorist judges because of the harmful impacts which include “allowing solidarity to build between prisoners, networks to be reconstructed and allow the more influential inmates to put pressure on the most vulnerable.”

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Holding My Nose said...

Option 2: return the jihadi's to the general population where they can recruit new jihadi's to the cause.