Monday, October 31, 2016

Shady Lady

Who's Huma? The Mystery of Our Time

Update: Mark Steyn's Song of the Week is Cole Porter's "It's De-Lovely", a tune that remains e'er fresh lo these many decades since its debut. Unlike, say, the rot that is Clinton Inc., which threatens to engulf the entire country, and which grew old--really old--long ago. In view of that nasty reality, I thought I'd revise Porter's pretty ditty (for which I offer the late composer my most profuse apologies):

Hillary sings to Huma:

The night is old, the clouds are here,
And we're waist deep in the crap, my dear.
It's defaming, it's depressing, it's de-lousy!

Don't understand the reason why
You shared a screen with that rotten guy.
It's defaming, it's depressing, it's de-lousy!

You can tell from my frown
That I think this could bring it all down.
You can hear, clearly, Bill say,
"Re this fuss: throw her under the bus!"

So nuts to you, my cockatoo.
I'm sad to say that I think we're through.
It's defaming, it's depressing, it's detestable, it's deplorable,
It's dilemma, it's de limit, it's depraved, it's de-lousy!