Friday, October 7, 2016

Using "Genocide Denial" Against the Jews

My astute son directs my attention to a conference on "Genocide Denial" that's happening on the campus of Simon Fraser University. And if you think the term refers to that practice that's common in, say, the Ayatollah Khamenei's Iran, think again. The "denial" being considered is not Shoah-denial. In fact, while the Holocaust is mentioned (how could it not be?), it is not on the program.

No, this "denial" is the kind that would prompt such rackets as Canadian Palestine Association, Canada Palestine Network and Independent Jewish Voices to want to take part.

In other words,  it's a "denial" informed by and infused with Marxist theory, a "denial" that seeks to knock the Shoah down a peg or two (or ten) from its spot atop the genocide list in order to confer the much-coveted mantle of victimhood on "worthy" others. Hence this:
- Plenary #3: 12:00 pm–1:00 pm: “Palestinian Genocide and Canadian State Complicity,” Hanna Kawas in dialogue with Sid Shniad
That's right. A conference devoted to "genocide denial" will be considering a non-genocide, a fiction purveyed by the enemies of Israel for the express purpose of expunging the Jewish state from the map.

Hey, isn't that the same reason why Ayatollahville purveys Holocaust-denial?
genocide poster 16 Aug

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