Sunday, December 11, 2016

Cartoon in Sweden's Most Popular Newspaper Offers a Snapshot of Swedish Judeophobia

This is what passes for incisive political commentary in the "social justice" utopia of Sweden:

Sweden-based writer Annika Hernroth-Rothstein has a go at unpacking the bizarre imagery:
The drawing (below) showed a happy, red-faced Benjamin Netanyahu sitting next to Mr Trump in a gold, Roman-style litter. The vehicle is being carried by Orthodox Jews, a member of the Ku Klux Klan, a voluptuous woman and a few Israeli soldiers, marked with large Israeli flags on their chests. A speech bubble attributed to Mr Netanyahu says: “Finally!” 
The image sends a clear message: that the Jewish state and, in a larger sense, the great, evil Jewish conspiracy, determined the outcome of the American presidential election in order to further its interests.  
The idea that Jews run the world is an old antisemitic myth, and the absurd mix of people and powers represented in the cartoon — from call-girls to Charedim and the KKK — indicate the degree to which the cartoonist has fallen for this ancient lie.
Update: The only other Swedish cartoonist I'm familiar with is Lars Vilks

Something tells me that, unlike Vilks, the "Antligen" 'toonist has no fears of a potentially deadly backlash.


Earl said...

Sweden's future is as Malmostan. A silly, puerile cartoon is reflective of the rot, and in no way is reflective of anything beyond the Jew-hating, dhimmifed, progressive mindset that has destroyed that country. Welcome your Dark Age future, Swedes!

scaramouche said...

Right you are, Earl. By virtue of their own sanctimony and idiocy (ever noticed how the two tend to go together?), the Swedes are doomed.