Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Mohammed Cubed: What a Perfect Name for a Holy Warrior!

Mark Steyn notes that the mass murderer who blew up a Coptic church in Cairo the other day was a jihadi with a triple-barreled name:
"Mahmoud Shafik Mohamed Mostafa": "Mostafa" and "Mahmoud" are in essence variations of "Mohamed". So that's like being called Mohammed Shafik Mohammed Mohammed. How many Mohammeds does a guy need? Canadian Immigration briefly (and unofficially) had a Three-Mohammeds-You're-Out rule, for when the occasional Mohammed bin Mohammed al-Mohammed turned up among the asylum seekers. That would seem minimally prudent. 
But, no matter how many Christians Mohamed Muhammad Mohamot slaughters, we look the other way and worry about "Islamophobia"...
Indeed. In fact, worrying about "Islamophobia" is a coping mechanism for multiculti-minded infidels (who would prefer to ignore the clear and present danger of jihad by focusing on something else, something within their power to "fix," or so they believe) and for Muslims (who use the faux phobia as a bait and switch tactic in the era of the suicide bomber).  

Speaking of the redundantly named, I am reminded of a time some years before 9/11 when we were flying from Amsterdam to London. Departure was delayed due to the fact that the police were looking for some chaps whose luggage had been loaded but who seemed to have decamped to parts unknown. One of the cops was holding a sheaf of papers and, sneaking closer to get a look, I managed to catch sight of the page on top. It showed the photo of a Middle Eastern-looking dude whose unforgettable name was--wait for it--Mohammed Mohammed. Given that, I was more than a little reluctant to board the flight. But once all the luggage was unloaded and the no-shows' property removed, my fears were allayed to the extent that I was willing to get on the plane.

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