Thursday, December 1, 2016

John le Carré In His Heyday Couldn't Have Come Up With This One

Here's one of your stranger non-fictional spy yarns--the Germans recruited a former gay porn performer to spy on their behalf only to discover that the man had "reverted" to Islam and is suspecting of becoming a double agent in order to assist the jihad.

At the moment it isn't clear to these German Clouseaus at what point the man reverted--before or after he was initially recruited-- and what impact that would have had on his, er, spying.

Further, the whole situation is quite upsetting because The Spy Who Came Out Of the Porn (as I like to think of him) was thoroughly vetting prior to being hired:
According to DPA, the suspect had undergone a security check, and five references - including former supervisors and colleagues - were questioned. There were no concerns voiced about him taking on the position.
Five references, eh? Were their first names Mohammed, Mohammad, Muhamad, Mohammed and Angela, perchance?

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