Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Justin Trudeau: As Squishy and Clueless as Ever

The Pretty One has yet another "Kumbaya" moment:
OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he wouldn’t hesitate to protect the interests — and the values — of Canadians if they clash with the agenda of U.S. president-elect Donald Trump. 
In a year-end roundtable interview with The Canadian Press, Trudeau chose his words carefully answering where he would draw his line in the sand when it comes to the many controversial promises and plans of the next American president. 
Trudeau says his top responsibility is to watch out for the interests of Canadians. 
He says that means jobs, trade and settling cross-border disputes with the United States. 
But he says it also means having a “more open, more tolerant, more secure world.” ...
Tell it to the jihadis, Justin!

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