Sunday, December 11, 2016

E Pluribus Islam?

It hadn't occurred to me until reading the following that the American slogan "E pluribus Unum" could be triumphalist Islam's motto, too:
A Boston Islamic center that has been linked to convicted terrorists is hosting an interfaith event on Sunday to promote peace, but some critics say such “hateful houses of worship” are a dubious venue for a message of solidarity and hope. 
The event, at Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, is entitled “Out of Many, One,” and has Boston Mayor Marty Walsh and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., slated to speak. It is sponsored by the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, and aimed at bringing religious communities together under common beliefs.
“My hope is that we can provide a place for members of the community, who are so fearful and concerned about our values being challenged, to speak up,” Interfaith Organization Board Member Nahma Nadich told “We need to affirm our values and be in solidarity with each other to protect all members of our community against hateful, divisive rhetoric.” 
To be clear, she's speaking of Trump's hateful, divisive rhetoric, not Islam's.

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