Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Jonathan Kay-esque Exquisitely Elitist "Sophistication": Don't Fear the Jihad. Fear the "Mark Steyn-esque Hysteria"

Poor Jon Kay. A case of "Allahu Akbar" road rage over in German occurred shortly after he lobbed an angry tweet at "Islamophobic" Canadians (i.e. those of us who are foolish enough to be a tad concerned about our border being breached by the unvettable), thereby beclowing himself for all to see. Acerbic hysteric Mark Steyn remarks on the unfortunate juxtaposition of tweet and vehicular mayhem:
Just a few hours before twelve German families had a big bloody hole blown through them a week before Christmas, my old friend and sometime warm-up act Jonathan Kay, with his usual impeccable timing, decided to have another sneer at those simpletons who fret about where all this is heading:
Great @CBC180 discussion. Due to Mark Steyn-esque hysteria, Canadians think Canada is 17% Muslim. It's actually 3%.
Ha! What rubes, eh? As flattering as it is to be blamed for an entire nation's Islamophobia, I'd say the reason Canadians - like the French and Germans and Belgians and almost everybody else - think there are more Muslims than there are is fairly obvious: Islam punches above its weight. Even on days when they're not mowing down Christmas shoppers and assassinating Russian ambassadors - or stabbing French priests, or blowing up Belgian airports, or sexually assaulting German New Year revelers - the less incendiary news of Islam in the west nevertheless conveys an assertiveness and confidence that would still be impressive even if it were 17 per cent. By the time it actually is 17 per cent, you'll think it's 48.
None of whom, I wager, will be reading The Walrus, that staggeringly dull and preeningly self-important Kay-edited monthly.

Update: It's been a year of slaughter and mayhem in Germany. And all because of a miniscule percentage.

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Earl said...

Danke, Mutti! You porcine (may I say that in this context?) Stasi dhimmi.

Looks like she's followed through from where the Red Army left off back in May, 1945. Ie., destroying Germany. Regrettably, she's taken non-Visegrad Europe with her...