Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mighty Barry Has Struck Out!

A like-minded friend sent me this yesterday, which, for better or worse, inspired the following:
The outlook it was brilliant for the Democrats that day;
"Old Hillary's a shoe-in," you heard all the pollsters say.
But when those "blue" states went for Trump,
And so surprisingly,
A pall-like shock gripped CNN and MSNBC.

Wolf Blitzer and the others were seen dazed and most confused.
For, after all, the lot of 'em expected diff'rent news.
They thought, "It's only right to prop up Barry's legacy.
We think the man is wonderful, and all of us agree."

But Trump defied the odds on that extraordinary date.
Was it voodoo or repeated vows to make the country great?
Appealing to the multitudes--insulted, shunned and dissed--
His messaging hit home, a promise they could not resist...

Oh, somewhere in that favored land the sun is shining bright.
(It isn't on the coasts where there's hysteria and fright.)
And somewhere folks are cheering, and somewhere there is dread.
But there is no joy is Dem-ville--Barry's legacy is dead.


Frances said...

Remember the original from school days - that was an inspired reworking of "Casey at the Bat".

scaramouche said...

Thanks, Frances.