Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oh, Brothers, What a Useful Idiot for the Anti-Israel Jihad!

Karin Brothers is the sort of Israel-loathing shrew who has no problem voicing her animus towards iniquitous Zion during the Khomeinists' annual Rage Against Israel day. Here she is, useful idiocy personified, in highest dudgeon during last year's Zionhass-a-palooza in Toronto:

And here she is in the pages of the Toronto Star where, just last week, she penned this "gem," a complaint about the "exclusivist" nature of Shoah remembrance:
Holocaust week is the height of hypocrisy. It implicitly supports the State of Israel, which is currently committing a slow genocide (according to the Kuala Lumpur tribunal) against the two million Palestinians under its military occupation in Gaza. To object to it is not racist. 
Publicly funded institutions should be commemorating genocides in general rather than the politically motivated and exclusivist Holocaust events, which imply that similar tragedies do not deserve the same international response.  
A study of current genocides might lead to saving the lives of thousands of people. 
Karin Brothers, Toronto
It's fitting that Brothers cited the Kuala Lumpur tribunal. It was every bit as biased against Israel as she is.

It's also heartening to see that's there's been some pushback to Brothers' twisted views. For instance this letter, which appeared in yesterday's Star:
While I agree that studying current, and past, genocides might help save thousands of lives, Karin Brothers’ Dec. 8 letter wrongfully conflates the idea of Holocaust week with Zionism. Acknowledging and remembering victims of the Holocaust does not in any way carry an implicit support of the State of Israel.  
Additionally, Brothers falsely claims that Israel has been carrying out “a slow genocide against the two million Palestinians under its military occupation of Gaza.” Israel returned the Gaza Strip to the Palestinians in the summer of 2005. Palestinians then chose Hamas as their leaders. Since then, Hamas has shown that it will use anything and everything it possibly can as weapons against Israel and, more disturbingly, against its own people. They knowingly hide behind their own people.  
It is not Israel that is committing the genocide here. It is Hamas. 
Shulamit Heisler, Toronto
Update: According to the impassioned "Sister" Brothers, Israel is not against terrorism.

Update: Talk about strange bedfellows (but maybe not so strange when you consider that when it comes to Israel, their ideas are simpatico): a notorious alt-right website high fives our K.B.

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