Tuesday, June 6, 2017

More Drivel: "Terrorism Has No Religion"

Another week; another jihadi terrorist attack; another no-jihad-to-see-here comment piece claiming that "terrorism has no religion" (hat tip: MW):
Paris. Brussels. Sydney. Orlando. Manchester. Now, London. 
Since the rise of ISIS, there has been a seemingly continuous wave of attacks in several major western cities. With it, has followed a sharp rise in anti-Islamic sentiment, suggesting that perhaps there is now a clear-cut “clash of civilizations” between Islam and the West.  
This week’s tragic attack in London only fuels such a notion, that it truly is “Islam versus the West.” In the U.S., a drastic rise in anti-Islamic rhetoric has culminated in an unprecedented travel ban; in Europe, there’s been a rapid rise of right-wing parties squaring off against Islam as public enemy number one.  
But for Canadians, after the recent attack on a Quebec City mosque that killed six, we must know better than to let that become our narrative. The attack on the mosque in Quebec — just like the heinous attack in London — was a result of misguided people.  
In reality, terrorism has no religion.  
IRA, FLQ, Ku Klux Klan, ISIS. They’re all the same — terrorists motivated by socio-political goals, not spiritual aspirations. Militants, not men of faith...
I didn't know the IRA, FLQ and Ku Klux Klan were waging an eternal jihad (an exclusively Islamic concept). Did you?


Earl said...

Some competent, but low-grade, taqiyyah run by the Sun editors to ensure only muted screams of "Islamophobia" from the e'er-so-progressives...

Jaedodrax said...

the writer is an ahmadi